Uzziel Habimana

Production Manager

Uzziel Habimana, whose parents were coffee farmers, has been working, in Rwanda coffee industry, as a coffee cupper for 12 years. Uzziel became a cupper following the coffee cupping trainings organized under the partnership of OCIR Café Rwanda and PEARL/USAID, while he was an employee at AbishyizehamweRusenyi cooperative. Due to his skills, as a cupper, Uzziel was employed by SPREAD/USAID project from 2006 to 2011. From 2011 to 2014, he became a representative of KYAGARANYI Coffee Ltd in Rwanda as a coffee quality control officer. Thereafter, from 2015, UZZIEL joined KZ Noir Ltd. Uzziel got employed by Bufcoffee Ltd from May 2016 as the quality control manager and cupper. Uzziel is a Q-grade certificate holder and he is among the best coffee cuppers and roasters in Rwanda.


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